New York City-based design studio SOFTlab created this awesomely colorful installation for the New York flagship location for Melissa shoes. Entitled We Are Flowers, the immersive installation is made of 20,000 translucent flowers which form enormous funnels that fill the airy gallery, complementing the vibrant, playful designs of the shoes on display throughout the space.

Here SOFTlab describes their latest work:

"Although we used cutting edge digital technology to develop this installation, we hope it remains mostly hidden in order for everyone to experience the magic of a hanging garden of flowers. We imagine this installation as an extension of the We Are Flowers collection by Melissa: technically innovative with attention to every detail, but first and foremost a design that expresses sensuality through its form and brings joy and color to the Melissa experience."

Visit the SOFTlab website to check out more of their projects.

[via Beautiful/Decay]

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